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June 16, 2020

By: Sinjin


The 2021 Bronco Receives An Interesting Unveil Date

It seems that we’ve all been waiting for the official unveiling of the new Ford Bronco for some time. Ford has been teasing the release of the Bronco for some time, then COVID-19 hit and furthered the delay.

Well, fans of the off-road icon finally have a date to look forward to, July 9th. Ford could’ve chosen pretty much any date at this point and we’d all just be happy for something new to happen… but if 2020 wasn’t already crazy enough, their choice for a release date just proved there might be a glitch in the matrix.

July 9th is the birthday of a certain individual that cemented the Ford Bronco in history. No not the designer of it, not an automotive legend, but one Orenthal James Simpson. Yes, you read that right and you’re thinking of the right person. O.J Simpson.

If you clicked on this article you should know exactly what made these two intertwined in the history books. If you don’t, well, simply enough The Juice led police on a very non-highspeed chase back in 1994. At the time, O.J was a person of interest for the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson and hopped in his White Bronco leading the cops on somewhat of a leisurely stroll down the highway.


Currently, Ford has said that this date is strictly coincidental. With the anniversary of the famous chase coming up, June 17, and his birthday right around the corner, the circumstantial evidence is there. You decide whether or not the glove fits and acquit this coincidence by Ford

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