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March 4, 2020

By: Sinjin


The Batmobile Gets A New Look

Despite not having any real superpowers, Batman is easily one of the more favorable superheroes and his vehicle choices have always been top-notch. Whether its the Batmobile, the Batbike, the Batcopter, the Batplane, or the Batboat, it’s obvious that 1. he’s not one for very clever names and 2. whoever his insurance agent is raking it in.


With a collection of toys that large we still only consistently see one throughout the films and shows….The Batmobile. However, it’s changed often over the years from the original modified 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura. Now with the changing of the guard and a new Batman actor being brought in, it’s time the garage gets a refresh too.


Going in the opposite direction from the past Batmobile, it looks like now they went back to the idea of it being an actual car. Don’t get me wrong, the Batmobile Tumbler was amazing. With motorcycle built-in and it’s endless abilities that would rival K.I.T.T, it became more of an undefeatable tank. I mean c’mon, a tank in New York City doesn’t exactly seem practical.

While no other batmobile can ever touch the one that the legendary George Barris created, with the styling from iconic muscle cars, this one might be a close second. What looks like a hodgepodge of car parts, it’s clear that this Batman favors the classics. With new teasers coming out constantly, we’re gonna be keeping a close eye on what the Dark Knight is cruising around in.



Photo credit: Matt Reeves & Warner Bros.

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