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October 24, 2019

By: Jonathan


The Future Of Ford Is Near

We’ve known Ford was shaking things up stemming from them stopping production on nearly every car and we know the future is electric because, well, everything. Today though was the first time that we knew definitively that Ford was working on a long rumored electric SUV inspired by the Ford Mustang.



However, the above is all they’ve really given to go on in terms of design, but did note that they have, “North America’s largest electric vehicle public charging network.” A good thing considering this isn’t some concept, but rather the direction of one of the most iconic names in the automotive industry. While purist may scoff at the electric aspect, the little bit of lines we are seeing in the teaser image look pretty good. And Ford wouldn’t be the first manufacturer to take SUV styling from a sports car as it’s essentially what Porsche has done to great success and forcing the likes of Lamborghini to follow suit.


Though until November 17 it’s all just guess work on how exactly the future will look, but it is near.

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