Mecum is stacking them deep in Dallas!


October 12, 2020

By: Sinjin


The guys at Fitzgerald are at it again!

The silhouette of a Peterbilt needle nose is absolutely iconic. You think of a big rig, most likely a Peterbilt Model 379 is the first image that pops into your head.  That’s why creating your own custom Peterbilt rig is a dream that most of us have had at one point in time. Cruising the United States in plaid shirts, blue jeans, mesh hats, rocking an amazing ‘stache, and talking all that cool CB trucker lingo, that’s what dreams are made of right there.

The guys over at Fitzgerald get to live out that dream each and every day (minus the amazing trucker attire) and build some of the best-looking custom Peterbilt big rigs out there. We aren’t just saying that too, they created a fully custom car hauler for our NHRA team… in just 7 days. We can build a Chevy Truck in 5 days, but 7 days for a big rig is absolutely ludicrous.

Well, now Tommy Fitzgerald and Brian Bourke are getting out there and ready to show everyone what it’s like to be around these big toys every day. From showing off their latest purchases, like their new “Nighthawk” Edition Peterbilt 389, to just having some fun at car shows and showing off our ’73 Chevy Step Van they purchase a while back. They’re not just stopping there, these guys are about to build some crazy badass rigs right on their YouTube Channel, SEMI Casual.

See for yourself as they unbox a custom ordered 2021 Peterbilt 389 below.

Still, want more?  They’ve got you covered as they head to a local car show, raise a little havoc with some burnouts, and a special guest appearance with our ’73 Chevy Stepvan.

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