Robert Thomas TA Collection Brings 11 Trans Ams To Auction


October 10, 2019

By: Sinjin


The Legend of the 5 Day OBS Build | Behind The Scenes

Before you read any farther, if you haven’t already watched the video on the 5 Day OBS build challenge, we’d suggest that you do so! We’d hate to ruin the story for you and this article is about to have more spoilers than a JDM convention.

Watch the video below before you continue!


If you had been following along on our social, you had already seen a lot of the build already. Or so you thought. This was our first build of its type, being solely on social media and in real time. Covering this build we had a ton of footage and photos and all that which ended up on the cutting room floor we swept up just for you. Check out the gallery below and get behind the scenes of this 5 day build!


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