Jon Rodriguez


June 10, 2017



Russell J Holmes

The “muscle” behind Garage Rehab’s renovations, Russell is a construction expert with more than twenty years of experience. He has seen and dealt with just about any problem a contractor could encounter.

Russell recently joined the Gas Monkey Garage team as Richard’s “Fixer.” He quickly found himself branching out from his usual project manager duties at Garage Rehab, and he’s always ready to pitch in to help (he DOES know a thing or two about turning wrenches, after all).

Russell has also found himself traveling with Richard around the country to seek out those rare barn finds.

In the past, Russell owned his own construction business and has run crews of more than 100. Having also worked as a mechanic for years, Russell is very familiar with auto garages, and he knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

As a car enthusiast, he has helped many friends build custom garages on their properties.

Fun fact about Russell: He’s afraid of heights!

Check him out on Instagram @ RussellJHolmes

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