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October 16, 2019

By: Sinjin


The Parts List: The Gas Monkey 5 Day ’91 Chevy Build

With a build as quick as our five day OBS build, Richard made sure that the Monkeys had the perfect parts that they needed. Not only did they have to look like the best, the parts actually had to be the best. When on a tight deadline like this, the last thing you want to worry about is your parts being reliable.


As proven on social media and in our epic digital short, all the parts used did their job and made this incredible build possible.

Engine: Texas Speed and Performance


Headers: Schoenfeld Headers


Rims: Budnik Wheels 



Brakes: Wilwood and Little Shop MFG

Brake Kit:


Hub, Proportioning Valve, and Rotors:


Tires: Nitto


Suspension: Ridetech



Engine harness: PSI


Gears and Axel: Yukon


Front Serpentine System: American Billet


Engine Mounts: Dirty Dingo


Steering Gear Box: AGR


Instrument Cluster: Dakota Digital


Exhaust: Magnaflow 

MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Custom Builder Kit Performance Exhaust System


Fuel Tank: Aeromotive

The fuel tank that we used is actually a prototype! Keep a close eye on the Aeromotive site so you know when it goes into production


Radiator: Ron Davis Radiator (Our Exact one was custom built)


Head Unit: Retro Sound

Santa Cruz Radio


Let us know if you have any questions regarding any parts that you didn’t see here! We’d love to let you know which parts we used to make this kickass OBS!


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