The 2021 Bronco Receives An Interesting Unveil Date


June 9, 2020

By: Sinjin


This Crispy F40 Get’s A Second Chance!

Not too long ago, the entire automotive world stood still for a second as a newly restored Ferrari F40 was engulfed in flames. We know a thing or two about restoring a Ferrari F40, especially one in pretty rough condition. Once this news broke, everyone at Gas Monkey Garage made sure that Richard Rawlings didn’t have any crazy ideas of saving this one as well.


When it comes to automotive horror stories, rarely do they ever have a silver lining, and most cars are towed to the scrapyard in the sky (R.I.P our Datsun 280z). Well that’s not where this story ends, and it turns out Ferarri Monaco has brought this car home to bring it back to life.

While we majorly doubt Ferrari will give it some attitude to meet the likes of the Gas Monkey Garage F40, it’s nice to see that this F40 isn’t a total goner. If they’re looking for new color options for its new lease on life, may we suggest 1 of the 7 F40 options Paolo Garella created back in the 90’s? Probably not? Well, we can dream, can’t we?!


If you made it this far along in the article and you’re one of those people that really wants to watch a 7-figure car have a bonfire in the middle of the street, well we can’t disappoint you. If you can stomach it, see below for the video of how this Ferrari F40 ended up this way.

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