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April 23, 2019

By: Jonathan


This F1 Double Pit Stop Is Insane, Still No NASCAR

The other day I found myself in the middle of an argument with a friend over Formula 1 versus NASCAR pit stops and finding myself defending the latter, it’s only fitting F1 dropped this video.

This is some impressive stuff. However, I can’t say that it changes my mind. There are two different arguments in play when deciding between the two: 1) Which is better? 2) Which is more impressive? I think pretty much everyone would agree that F1 has the better stop. Four tires and fuel in just a few seconds, that’s the stop I’d want my race team to make. However, which is more impressive? I give this to NASCAR hands down.

What we’re seeing in F1 is the atomization of the pit stop. From the specially designed wheel nuts and guns to the stationary crew members, F1 is slowly removing the human element as that’s where the errors traditionally lie. On the other hand, NASCAR crew members hit five lug nuts before moving around the car to hit another five, all the while other crew members are running around adding fuel, removing tearaways and making any other needed adjustments and sending the car back out in around 14 seconds. Sure, NASCAR has had their own pit stop technical advances through the years, but the human element is still heavily prevalent and because of that it will always remain impressive. After all, an autonomous racecar would be way more efficient, but I think we all are still a long way off before we’d ever want to remove the drivers in favor of perfection.

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