Dodge Unveils 'Blacked Out' Charger SRT Hellcat Octane Edition


June 4, 2019

By: Jonathan


This Is One Tiger We’d Like Waking Up To

The name may make the Sunbeam Tiger sound like an asian beer, but it’s thankfully neither asian nor a beer. In fact, it’s a sporty little British number with roots tied to an American car legend.

Produced briefly in the mid to late 1960s the Sunbeam Tiger saw just about 7,000 units roll off the assembly line in England between 1964 and 1967, this ’65 being one of those. Clearly a British car, being manufactured there, the Tiger was powered by a V8 Ford engine and aided in that design by Carroll Shelby. Two Ford V8 engine options would be offered throughout the car’s run, a 260 cu.-in. version and a 289 cu.-in., the latter of which was offered exclusively in America. Ironically, this example crossing the block in Portland later this month is not one of those exclusive America offerings, but the lesser powered Mark I.

With over $20,000 being put into the restoration of this Tiger Roadster it is truly exceptional. It is being offered with both a hard and soft top and is finished in the rarest of Sunbeam colors, paint code 1 black and features a strikingly vibrant red interior. An early example of what can be accomplished with a post-war global economy this Sunbeam Tiger is being offered at Portland’s Mecum Auction June 21-22.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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