Don't let these classics fall through the cracks!


August 26, 2020

By: Sinjin


This is the dually you need in your life!

Finding a solid classic car these days is getting harder. Let alone, finding a solid classic from up north in America is damn near impossible. Well, leave it to Dennis Collins to find not just one but two of them in the same barn find. We’ve already talked about the K5 Blazer that he found in Minnesota, but we haven’t talked about the 1980 GMC C3500 Sierra Dually that was bought alongside it and on Bring-A-Trailer now.

With literally no rust, can a find like this get better? The answer: oh yeah. With almost every option imaginable factory installed on it, all the original paperwork/build sheets, and a bed mat on it since day 1,  what makes it even better is the mileage. 21,000 original miles on it. While this GMC could’ve easily been a great work horse back in the day, it looks like it’s lived an easy life. For those playing along at home, you can almost see the price tag of this dually going up with every sentence that I write.

What’s under that unblemished beautiful Sante Fe Tan body? Well, I’m glad that you asked ( and if you didn’t, sorry we’re telling you anyway, it’ll be worth it).

Powering this dually is aLE8 454ci V8 driving that power and paired to a 4-speed manual transmission with Gear Vendors overdrive. Complementing the Sante Fe Tan exterior paint, the interior is covered in tan over tan cloth. I could go on and on with fancy “car journalist” sentences describing every option on this dually, but let’s get to brass tacks and skip the fluff because this option and equipment list is long. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

-4.10:1 rear end

-Power-assisted heavy-duty brakes

-A heavy-duty steering package, roof lamps

-Towing Mirrors

-A chrome grille and bumpers

-Air conditioning


-Hidden fifth-wheel hitch

-Alcoa forged-alloy wheels,

-A SCS Frigette cruise-control system,

-A trailer-brake controller, a CB radio,

-Late-model steering wheel

-Rebuilt cylinder heads and the carburetor rebuilt,

-Replacement clutch and the dual fuel tanks replaced

Easy to say, the original owner of 40 years got a little check happy when it came to ordering this Dually. Do we fault him one bit? Not. one. bit.

This 1980 GMC C3500 Sierra Camper Special is as nice as it gets. Has this GMC caught your eye? We know it has. Well wipe up a little bit of that drool in the corner of your mouth (no shame in that, we did the same) and see more of it over on Bring-A-Trailer as it’s up for sale right now. The auction ends in 7 days, so it’s worth keeping an eye on, and if you’re not a buyer, its at least worth watching the final closing minutes of this auction as we’re sure a truck this nice will bring out a nice bidding war.

Also, in case you missed the initial buy video, check it out below to get your weekly fix of some wheeling and dealing action.

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