Supercars Invade Dallas For A Weekend Of Speed


November 16, 2018

By: Jonathan


Three’s Company! Trio Of FnL Cars Headed To Leake Auctions

Not one, not two, but THREE Fast N’ Loud builds are headed to Leake Auctions this weekend in Dallas. Viewers have most likely gazed upon the Galaxie already, but yet to air are the 1952 Chevrolet Business Coupe and 1970 Plymouth Cuda. And while you might be thinking “spoiler alert!” the nice thing about yet to air cars is that we still have time to include YOU in an episode. That’s right, the winning bids on both the Chevy and Cuda will be featured in their respective episodes of FnL.

With one bang of the hammer you could get a sweet car and become a TV star and you don’t have to be in Dallas this weekend to make your dreams a reality. You can bid online or by phone by registering on Leake’s website by entering a few brief details at the bottom. All three cars hit the block today (Friday) so get bidding and we will see you in hair and makeup soon*!

*There is no hair and makeup unless you count Richard running his hands through his hair countless times a day.

1952 Chevrolet Business Coupe lot# 4171

1970 Plymouth Cuda lot# 418

1962 Ford Galaxie 500 lot# 4172

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