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October 28, 2019

By: Sinjin


Tony Cano Brings His Chevy Back From The Dead!

In this crazy world of building badass cars, the journey to having the fastest car out there is anything but easy. You’re constantly trying to see how far you can push it without crossing that limit because when you push it too far sometimes that limit can be a devastating explosion. Earlier this year our very own Tony Cano found that out the hard way with his Chevy pickup.


When something like this happens you’re left with only two choices:

1.Call it a day and realize that living life in the slow lane is now your reality.

2.Yank out all the toasted parts, use this opportunity to add new parts and wind up with some extra HP under that hood. 


Being around this shop, Tony did the only logical answer. He got to work, and in his spare time between our builds worked on bringing this truck nicknamed Two Tone Tony “To-Go Box” back to life. I sat down with him after his latest dyno day to get his thoughts on this resurrection.


What’s up Tony! Going back to the explosion, what was going through your head after it happened? 

I was really hoping it was just a Nitrous backfire. Hearing that you just gotta hope for the best. After I went and looked underneath it, I realized that wasn’t the case at all and was probably worst-case scenario.

What was the damage done? What had to be repaired? What’s new under the hood? 

Well, basically the entire block! The entire engine was toast, there was no saving it. I was pretty impressed how much I got out of that block, but always wanted to get more out of it. Now that I had to get a new engine, it ended up working out. I’m back with another LS based 6.0, but I’m not gonna give away everything I’ve done to it, I have to leave some mystery out there.

Bringing it back onto the dyno can be pretty nerve-wracking. What’s it like putting it back on the dyno after its last run there? 

I had my checklist in my head, and just kept over and over of it to make sure that this time everything went smooth. I didn’t trailer it up the there, I actually drove it up there before getting it tuned, so I was feeling pretty confident with how it felt beforehand. I just wasn’t too sure what it was going to do once it came to the nitrous pull.

What’s next for Tony and the “To-Go Box”? 

Suspension and safety are definitley next in line. Newer suspension would be great, and with me wanting to get it as fast as I can a rollcage is needed. Ultimatley the goal is to get it as fast as I can for an extended cab pickup.

This truck has been a labor of love for you and has had some people lend a hand to make this Chevy go fast. Anybody you want to give a shout out to?  

I really gotta say thanks to all of my friends that have helped me from time to time on this project. Companies like Forgestar Nitrous Express, Holley, Speed Enginering, LSX unlimited for the tuning, Katech, the list goes on and on that have made this possible. Thankful for everyone thats helped out.


Want to keep up with Tony and his need for speed? Check out @GMGTonyC on Instagram to see everything that he is up to!

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