See a Formula One Car Come To Life From Concept To Track


February 8, 2019

By: Jonathan


Travel Back A 100 Years With Slew Of Antique Fords

We cover a lot of auctions and car shows, but one recent show in particular caught our eye since it was like nothing we’d ever seen before. That car show is the Old Car Festival which features a slew of old cars.

The event is held in Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI which is home to the Henry Ford Museum which as you can imagine helps draw quite a bit of antique Fords to the festival. At the most recent festival hundreds of cars were on hand ranging from the 1890s to 1932. Take a stroll down memory lane… Well, maybe not memory lane because I highly doubt anyone reading this has first-hand memories of these cars on the street, but you get the gist. Get your Gatsby on with the gallery below.

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