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December 15, 2020

By: Sinjin


Travis Pastrana Takes The Keys To Gymkhana!

If you’ve been on the internet literally ever, you’ve heard of the incredible Gymkhana series. If somehow you haven’t, it’s a video series of pure automotive adrenaline pushing whatever vehicle is the star that time around to its absolute limits. Drifting, jumps, high-speed maneuvers, if you can do it in a car, they’re doing it. And if you can’t, you bet they’re gonna try!


In the past videos, behind the wheel has been the uber-talented Ken Block. This time, however, a new driver hops in the seat. Someone that has proven that he can do literally anything on two wheels or 4 wheels. The legendary Travis Pastrana takes the keys to the Ken Block series and burns some rubber. Check out the latest installment from the Gymkhana series below.

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