March 24, 2021

By: Sinjin


Vaughn Gitten Jr. wreaks havoc on BOMB TRACK – 750+ Acres, No Rules!

Vaughn Gittin Jr. has made as much of a name for himself off the track as on the track. With the moniker “fun haver”, Vaughn and his Formula D teammate, Chelsea DeNofa, throw their vehicles sideways whenever and wherever. From putting the brand new Mustang Mach E through its paces to competing in a drift-style game of  ‘Horse’ with Cleetus McFarland, these guys are all about shredding some rubber.

Their latest installment takes place at the Panthera Tactical Traning facility, i.e. BOMB TRACK, with 750+ acres of absolutely zero rules. As the fun haver himself describes it “Two Mustang RTR’s, two Ultra4 Racing 4440 Ford Broncos, 750+ acres, and live munitions make for a whole lot of fun!” Check it out below as Vaughn Gitten Jr., Chelsea DeNofa, and Loren Healy shred this course side by side in order to beat the countdown to… well just see for yourself!

Still have to urge to scream “Death to all tires”? Head over to their YouTube channel now to see all the other havoc this professional fun haver gets into.

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