Ford Debuts New Color For 2020 Mustang


March 15, 2019

By: Sinjin


Vaughn Gittin Jr. Rips Entire Cloverleaf Interchange

Pro-drifter (as in the sport, I’m pretty sure he has a home despite his fondness for highway overpasses in this video) Vaughn Gittin Jr. is back doing what he does best, getting his Ford Mustang sideways.

In his latest video Vaughn realizes a dream I’m sure we’ve all had, hooning a highway on and off ramp. However, he doesn’t just stop there, he connects all four corners of a cloverleaf intersection in his 900hp Mustang. The same Mustang, with the addition of a new wrap, he used to drift the entire Nurburgring last year with Ford Performance. As an added perk to the video for us here at the garage, it turns out the video was shot just in our backyard of Lake Worth, Texas.

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