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December 11, 2017

By: Jonathan


Vintage Ford Mustangs Converted Into Unique Watches

Car parts aside, there is probably no device more important to the automotive industry than the watch. It’s what we all use constantly to push the envelope of performance and while through the years the timekeeping devices may have changed as much as the cars they’re timing, but there presence remains a constant.

The watch and car world have now become further intertwined thanks to REC Watches of Denmark. The brand founded by Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup utilizes old Ford Mustang parts and inspiration to create their unique timepieces. Each of the watches features the car’s VIN and year, as well as being accompanied by a collection of stories and images of the car they are made from.

Starting at just under $1,500 the watches are as truly unique as the cars they’re derived from and have already gotten some big name support; including driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. who wears a carbon fiber version made from his 700hp Ford Mustang RTR.

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