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February 7, 2019

By: Jonathan


Vintage Top Fuel Dragster Looks To Race Across Auction Block

The auto world is full of rivalries, some like Ford vs. Ferrari were taken quite seriously while some leaned more silly. Take drag racer Tom McEwen and his rivalry with Don Prudhomme. Don was nicknamed “The Snake” and as everyone knows mongooses eat snakes, so Tom became “Mongoo$e,” adding the dollar sign for good measure or perhaps it doubled as his password. Though the naming rivalry may seem child’s play Tom’s 1968 Top Fuel Dragster is anything but.

Raced in the 1968 season the car would win the Stardust Invitational, have the lowest ET at the U.S. Nationals and win Lions 14th Anniversary Race. Having made quite a name for itself on the drag strip it was shortly after commemorated by landing the cover of Drag Racing Magazine in 1969 and featured again in Hot Rod the following year. Since that time the car has continued to live on after racing thanks to a restoration by Mike Kuhl and Tom Allen. It would also be Mike Kuhl who built the cars 392 cu.-in. V8 engine by way of Mike Kuhl Engineering.

The classic Top Fuel Dragster is being auctioned alongside the Mongoo$e’s original, restored, trailer and with signed nose piece and racing helmet. A must buy for any drag racing or motorsports collector. The dragster is being offered at Mecum’s Phoenix auction as part of the Ugly John Collection and is estimated to sell between $135,000 – $160,000.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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