One American Manufacturer Cracks Consumer Reports' Top 10


February 22, 2019

By: Jonathan


Watch Every 2019 Daytona 500 Crash Now!

As we head to Atlanta this weekend, the first non-restrictor plate race of the 2019 Cup season, we’re bound to see far far fewer crashes than last weekends Daytona races. And while we all like to watch sports and pretend its for the competition we know that deep down in all of us it’s to see mayhem.

Fox knows that too so they did us all the service of cutting together all the crashes from last weekends NASCAR Daytona 500, a full 8 minutes and 13 seconds of crashes. So let’s all press play together at our desks this afternoon and kill the time before that five o’clock whistle blows with some good old fashion Daytona destruction. Yabba dabba doo!!!

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