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November 30, 2018

By: Jonathan


Watch Jimmie Johnson, Fernando Alonso Swap Cars

I guess it pays more than just money to be a top driver in the world, you can just swap cars with other top drivers for a day of fun. As was the case with seven-time NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson and two-time Formula One champ Fernando Alonso at the Bahrain International Circuit at the conclusion of the F1 season.

Alonso we’ve seen in various types of cars the past few years as he headed toward F1 retirement, but struggling to recall a time Johnson has been behind the wheel of something on this scale. However, it appears both drivers struggled early to adapt as Alonso spun out with far less grip in the stock car and Johnson struggling to keep his helmet down with all the air coming over it. The below clip is part of a bigger special which will air on SKY Sports F1 in mid-December.

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