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November 8, 2019

By: Jonathan


We Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue

Is this the end of ICE? No, not the government organization, but the internal combustion engine.

This week at SEMA 2019 Ford revealed their partnership with Webasto to create the Mustang Lithium. The car, as you guessed, combines Mustang styling with an “ultra-high-performance” lithium battery. A partnership that not only gives us a glimpse into the future of muscle cars, but a 900+ horsepower Mustang with more than 1,000lb.-ft. of torque. The car is powered by a an 800-volt Webasto battery system which is said to be twice as much voltage as any car on the road today.

The car features a manual Getrag MT82 6-speed transmission to handle the power and a slew of lightweight components like carbon body parts and lightweight Forgeline wheels to handle the added battery weight.

Via Ford:

For more than 20 years, Ford has brought electric and hybrid-electric vehicles to the masses and has produced more than 800,000 around the globe.

Ford is investing more than $11.5 billion in electrified vehicles by 2022, including an all-new Mustang-inspired fully electric SUV in 2020 with range of 300 miles and an all-electric F-150 in a few years.

As Ford actively refreshes its lineup, the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer and Escape hybrid SUVs feature the company’s fourth-generation lithium-ion battery technology, similar to the energy storage system used on the Mustang Lithium. An F-150 Hybrid also arrives next year. More than the instantaneous torque of these electric drive powertrains provide, greater levels of torque management and driver control can be enabled, plus zero emissions.

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