Be a Gas Monkey for Halloween!


September 20, 2013

By: Richard Rawlings


We’re Competing in the National Red Bull Flugtag!


Gas Monkey Garage FlugtagNow that’s a good looking Flugtag team! If you haven’t heard of the National Red Bull Flugtag, it’s a competition where teams from all across the country build their own themed flying craft and then launch it into a lake while wearing costumes.

We didn’t take it lightly, either. This is what we did to prepare:


If that training wasn’t hardcore enough, we also trained with Olympic sprinter Alysia Montano, and she kicked our ass. Check it out:


The voting is now live for the People’s Choice Award! You can vote 10 times via text message and 10 times online. To vote, go here:

Can’t wait to launch our craft tomorrow! Thanks for the support!

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