Richard Bringing YelLOWstone C20 To Barrett This Week [Updated]


January 14, 2020

By: Jonathan


Wild Assortment Round Out Top 5 At Mecum

We all know what was going to take the one spot at the Kissimmee, FL auction, but if you’re in the dark about the “Bullitt” Mustang you can learn more here. However, what came after in spots 2 thru 6 (yes, we’re extending the top 5 because of the obvious number one) was quite an assortment of vehicles. In all the top 6 cars combined for 9.1-million in sales or an average price of 1.5-million per vehicle.


6. 1968 Challenger 2 Streamliner 

-Tested at over 400mph in 1968

-SCTA AA/FS record of 448.757 MPH in 2018

-Sold for $561,000


5. 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor”

-1 of 11 built for the 2000 Gone in 60 Seconds

-Rotisserie restoration by original builders, Cinema Vehicle Services, and only 90 miles since

-Sold for $852,500


4. 2015 McLaren P1

-152 of 375 produced

-1,352 miles on the odometer

-Sold for $1.089,000


3. 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

-1 of 918, 1 of 2 in Acid Green

-Only 510 miles

– Sold for $1,430,000

2. 2019 McLaren Senna

-No. 2 of 500

-Appx: $400,000 in carbon and interior options

-Sold for $1,430,000


And of course we all know the true number one is the Bullit Mustang, but let us not beat a dead horse at this point.

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