Mother Nature Has It Out For This '57 Chevy!


September 22, 2020

By: Sinjin


You can own this sweet ’85 IROC Z28

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve seen us posting about this pretty sweet 1985 IROC Z28 that we found on the ‘ol interwebs. And if you haven’t, well shame on you.

When we initially posted about it, we didn’t think that we’d get the reactions that we would. The IROCs tend to get the same love from modern-day car enthusiasts that they give El Caminos. Typically the reactions are long the lines of “mullets, jean shorts, and Coors Lite”, but it seems that times are changing and it might finally be the IROCS time in the sun. When it comes to 3rd generation Camaros, the IROC is the crown jewel and this one is as good as it gets. Lucky for you, one is for sale on eBay right now.

If you don’t know about the IROCs or just wanna take a trip down memory lane, for 1985 Chevrolet introduced the IROC-Z, named after the International Race of Champions. Offered as an option package on the Z28, the Camaro IROC-Z featured an upgraded suspension, lowered ride height, specially valved Delco-Bilstein shocks, larger diameter sway bars, a steering/frame brace known as the “wonder bar”, a special decal package, and an optional Tuned Port Injection system taken from the Chevrolet Corvette. New aluminum 5-spoke 16-by-8-inch wheels were unique to the new IROC Z.

This very nice example of the iconic 1985 Camaro IROC Z is a solid and clean California car that was ordered with a number of rare and very desirable features such as 4 Wheel Disc Brakes, T-Tops, and the 3.42 Rear Axle. Exterior photos show a well-preserved car with a few small nicks in the front spoiler and rear bumper, but let’s be honest, you want to actually drive this Camaro, if it was perfect it’d just sit in your garage.

Listen, we could talk about this IROC all day long and give you every little detail on why this should be your next purchase. Instead, it’s best that you just see for yourself and not waste any more time as this auction ends next Tuesday. Check it out on eBay now, and if you just can’t live without this classic (we completely understand), you can always go ahead and smash that Buy-It-Now button.

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